New Life Begins in the Dark

I wrote this article for the website, 1517 Legacy. Here is the introduction. For the remainder of the article, click on the link below these paragraphs to visit their site. 

We spend the first nine months of our lives in utter darkness. There are no tiny fluorescent bulbs beaming from the ceiling of the womb, no fetal flashlights, not even a pinprick of illumination. As vital as our sense of sight will be later on, while in utero our eyes are useless. We’re as good as blind.

Yet in that darkness we not only come into being; we grow more in those forty weeks than we will the remainder of our lives. It’s as if God does His best, foundational work on us where there is no light. When we can’t see but He can. When we can’t do anything while He does everything. When we are enveloped by darkness, blind, and helpless, God is busy at work to mold and shape us into babies who eventually come squalling into this big, bright world.

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