Gospel Phobia

I wrote this article for 1517 Legacy this week.

If the devil took over a church, what would it look like? Deacons smoking pot while watching Sunday School students play on a Ouija board? Pole dancers atop the altar? An autographed, leather embossed copy of the Satanic Bible open in the pulpit?

I doubt it. The devil masquerades as an angel of light, not a buffoon of darkness.

No, if the devil took over a church, I suspect it would be bursting at the seams every Sunday, with smiling faces, clean noses, straight morals, conservative voting, institutional fidelity—simply a thriving, happy community of people who hear from the pulpit every Sunday a message pregnant with law but barren of Gospel.

The Gospel Has Nothing to Do with Us

The devil isn’t afraid of the law. Or morality. The most moral, religious, spiritually serious people in Jerusalem were those who arranged the killing of the Messiah, after all. The devil is afraid of the Gospel.

And, truth be told, so are we.

Why be afraid of the Good News? There are many reasons, but beneath them all is this one: the Gospel has nothing to do with us...

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