Our Biography in a Single Word

Our Biography in a Single Word

One of the sweetest gifts you can give humanity is to commit an infamous act. It doesn’t have to be a mind-boggling evil. We’ll settle for a run-of-the-mill variety of sin. It just needs to be documented, well-known, and simple. Think Monica Lewinski.

Infamy is a sweet gift not simply because we relish scandal. Nor because we would rather hear evil about our neighbor than good. No, such acts are especially cherished because they allow us the opportunity to hone one of our favorite crafts: to shrink a 300-page life story down to a single paragraph that narrates what happened on one day, at a certain hour, and in a certain location. We can whittle an entire biography down to a single Tweet. Then, with the authority invested in us by the state of self-righteousness, we proclaim, “This, and nothing else, is who you are.”

Just ask Thomas. Sorry, I mean Doubting Thomas. To my knowledge, he’s the only guy from Genesis to Revelation who has an unfavorable adjective sticking out like a zit in front of his name. Consider: we haven’t christened them Murdering Cain, Womanizing David, Denying Peter, or—for crying out loud—even Betraying Judas. These other men have given us the sweet gift of infamy as well, but we’ve spared them the title to go along with it. But Thomas, ah, him we especially treasure... (read the entire article on at Christ Hold Fast)


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