Christ Hold Fast: A New Website, an Ancient Message, a Life-Changing Gospel

christholdfastJust as in everyday life, so on the internet, there's plenty of people telling you what to do. Do this to lose weight and look ten years younger. Do this to secure happiness and financial security for yourself and your family. Do this to overcome all obstacles in your walk with God and lead a victorious Christian life. The problem with every Do-List and Don't-List is always the same: eventually, we mess it all up. Something defeats us, or we simply defeat ourselves. And we are left broken. If you're a regular reader of the Flying Scroll, you know that this reality of a broken world full of broken people is a constant theme in my writings. And again and again, I point to the One, the only One, in whom we broken and defeated people find healing and hope: Jesus Christ.

Bringing this grace-centered, Christ-focused message to hurting people is also what the new website, Christ Hold Fast, is all about. I'm thankful to be a part of the work that's going on there. Here are a few of the resources that you'll find:

1. Weekly Blog Posts. Every Monday we'll publish a blog post written either by myself or one of the other contributors to Christ Hold Fast: Daniel Emery Price, Brandon Hanson, and Michael Salinas. My post, "Losing That Holy Feeling," was published last week, which you can read in full here.

2. Podcasts. We have two podcasts: "Christ Hold Fast Cast" and "40 Minutes in the Old Testament." The first one is hosted by Daniel Emery Price and Brandon Hanson. I co-host the second one, along with Daniel and Brandon. You can find the "Christ Hold Fast Cast" here on iTunes and "40 Minutes in the Old Testament" here. If you're interested in hearing a distinctly Christian, Gospel-focused approach to the OT, then you'll definitely enjoy "40 Minutes."

3. Sermons and Other Resources. New sermons from Pastors Chris Rosebrough, Matt Richard, Donavon Riley and Daniel Emery Price will be uploaded to the “sermons” page every week. These guys know their stuff. They know how to diagnose our problem with the law, but more importantly, how to heap on the Gospel. For a sample, check out Pastor Riley's sermon on "This Is Christianity."

Just to be clear, I will keep on writing at the Flying Scroll. Nothing is going to change here. I did want, however, to point you in the direction of these additional resources. Check out the blog, listen to the podcasts and sermons. You won't find there anyone telling you what to do, but you'll certainly hear plenty about the Christ who has done everything for you--and the Christ who continues to hold you fast.