My Book, Christ Alone, Named 2014 KFUO Book of the Year Winner

I like words. Words that speak to those on suburban streets flowing with silk and money and to those asleep in the gutter. Soft words that offer a virgin soul to the veteran whore and hard words that drive the finger-wagging, Bible-thumping hypocrite to his knees. Words that smell of heaven and taste of earth. Law words that worm their way into the cavernous recesses of a man's heart to expose the death lurking within. Gospel words that trumpet resurrection to a boneyard of broken folk who live and yet do not. I like words pregnant with Jesus, from whose wombs emerge the Babe of whom angels sing and sinners live. I write words for you. Whoever you are, this is for you. This scroll flies to you, unrolls and you read. And when you do, I pray that my words are always a blessing to you. That you read them is most certainly a blessing to me.

ChristAloneCoverYesterday was a very special day for me and my words. My book, Christ Alone: Meditations and Sermons, was named the 2014 KFUO Book of the Year Winner. Needless to say, this brought me incredible joy. But more than that, it brought me incredible hope. For those of you who are long-time readers of the Flying Scroll, you know enough of my backstory to realize that there was a time when I had given up on writing, indeed, had given up on life itself. But Jesus Christ breathed life back into my hopeless corpse, raised me to my feet, and gave me hope once more. So I share my stories with you now. I share my life with you, in hopes that the Lord will use my words to speak light and life to someone else who is walking the same dark and despairing road I was on.

I pray He does the same with the meditations and sermons in Christ Alone. As one reviewer on Amazon wrote, "Beautifully crafted work by a wonderful wordsmith. Each piece delivers to you Christ and His forgiveness without fail. Each piece begs to be read over and over again." That, indeed, is what I strive to do in all my writings: deliver to you Christ and His forgiveness without fail. For Christ, and Christ alone, is our hope.

For your copy of Christ Alone: Meditations and Sermons, visit Amazon or CreateSpace to place an order. Thank you!