My Top Five Most Popular Blog Posts of 2014

Whether you're a first time reader of the Flying Scroll, or if this is familiar territory, THANK YOU for being here. You are the reason I crawl out of bed every morning at 4:00, pour myself a cup (or three!) of coffee, and sit down to write. You are the reason I delete more words than I ever publish, for I'm constantly revising, editing, searching for just the right way to express the truth to you. I thank God for all of you. And I ask for your continued prayers. As a way to wrap up 2014, I thought I'd pull together a list of the five articles on my blog that were the most viewed this past year. Perhaps there's one or two that you've missed. God's richest blessings to all of you in 2015!

#1 "Please Don't Say These Six Things at My Funeral." There will come a day, perhaps sooner, perhaps later, when the man in the coffin will be me. They say the dead don’t care, but I’m not dead yet, so as long as I’m still alive, I’d like to have some say in what goes on at my funeral...(read the full article here)

#2 "The Affair" There are countless articles and books about how to “Affair-Proof” your marriage, complete with lists of five or ten or twenty things to do to protect your marriage from infidelity. And many of these have helpful suggestions. I’m not writing another such list. What I want to urge is one main point, one truth that undergirds so much of this discussion: affairs don’t begin with lust, or discontent with your spouse, or boredom in a long-term relationship. Affairs always begin by believing lies... (read the full article here)

#3 "The One Page of the Bible I'd Like to Rip Out" The part of the Bible to which I object should never have been there in the first place. It was a later accretion, added for pious, albeit misguided, reasons. If I could, I’d take every Bible in hand, grab this page between my thumb and forefinger and rip it out. It’s that single sheet of paper that lurks between the last chapter in Malachi and the first chapter in Matthew. It’s the page that’s blank except for three words, “The New Testament.” Let me explain why. (read the full article here)

#4 "So You Don't Like Your Pastor" Pastors, although they stand in the stead of Christ to minister to the people of God, are full of the same fears and flaws, loneliness and lust, desires and desperations, as the folks in the pew. Pastors are built from the same stuff as everyone else. And that’s good, and that’s bad. (read the full article here)

#5 "Love Will Not Sustain Your Marriage" Marriage is asking a lot from two people. Living together for life. Sexual fidelity for life. Parenting for life. On their wedding day, they may be on top of the world, their bodies alive with an emotional high. But that high can last only so long. Emotions wax and wane with the tides of life. The love they feel for each other, no matter how strong, will be taxed to the extreme in circumstances they never could have foreseen on the day they said, “I do.” Sooner or later, they will come to realize that love is not enough to keep a marriage alive. (read the full article here)