Can God Count? A Children's Story for Sinners

The boy counted everything. Socks in his drawer, peas on his plate, cars on the highway. He loved numbers. He loved to count. One day he asked his father, ''Daddy, can God count?'' His father said, ''Yes, son, God can count.'' The son asked, ''What does he count?'' The father replied, ''He counts the hairs on our heads.'' ''Every hair?'' the son asked. ''Yes, every hair,'' the father answered.

The son asked, ''What else does God count?'' The father said, ''When we get sad, or hurt, and we cry, God counts our tears.'' ''Every tear?'' the son asked. ''Yes, every tear,'' the father answered.

The son thought a minute. Then he asked, ''Is there anything God doesn't count?'' The father said, ''Yes, there is one thing God does not count.'' The son asked, ''What does he not count?'' The father took his son's hand and led him down the hall. He pointed to the family's crucifix that hung on the wall. The father said to his son, ''On the day Jesus died, God stopped counting our sins. He added them all up and gave them to Jesus. He will never count them again.'' ''Every sin?'' the son asked. ''Yes, every single one,'' the father answered.

''God was in Christ reconciling the world to Himself, not counting their trespasses against them,'' 2 Cor 5:19.