Commercializing the Church: "Dear World, I'm Sorry"

Along a stretch of I-35, in San Antonio, TX, that I drive daily, there stands this sign.


It's always a face palm moment for me when I read it. I want to climb the sign, spray paint in tow, and cover it up the words with, ''Dear world, I'm sorry.''

I'm sorry that the church markets herself like she has a product for sale.

I'm sorry that the church not only apes the world but does so in such inferior, childish, asinine ways.

I'm sorry that the church uses bait-and-switch techniques to get you in the door, passing out sugar-coated Jesus candy that rots more than teeth.

The message of the church is a divine man, suspended upon a cross, bleeding and dying out of love for you.

It's the only message of the church. It may be not cool, or novel, or hip, or catchy. But it is Christ, God's gift to all of us, God's gift to the church, and the only message to the world that the church has to offer.

Put that on your sign.