My New Book of Meditations and Sermons!

Image I've wrestled over the title of an article or blog post for days. Maybe I'm looking for something with irony, or humor, or just the right metaphor to catch the reader's eye. Because titles matter, don't they? They should make the reader say, "Hey, now there's something I want to read." The title of my newly published book, Christ Alone: Meditations and Sermons, is not ironic. It's not humorous. And there's not a single metaphor in it. But this title says it all. It lays it all out there. Like St. Paul, who told the Corinthians he had determined to know nothing among them except Jesus Christ and Him crucified, this is a book that focuses unapologetically, unflinchingly on Christ alone.

It is written for everyone.

It is written for mothers and fathers, plumbers and pastors, truck drivers and students. It speaks to your struggles and sins, temptations and downfalls. And it points you to the healing and life and forgiveness found in Christ alone.

It is written for preachers who are always in search of new ways of communicating age old truths. In language that is earthy and colorful, vivid and sharp, poetic but not highfalutin, it delivers the Gospel to the soul sunk in the muck of this world.

It is written for seminary students who are just learning how to preach. Homiletics textbooks are useful, but I remain convinced that if you want to learn how to preach, then study sermons that preach the law with clarity and the Gospel with sweetness. Immerse yourself in sermons that preach without using the vanilla verbiage and asthmatic affirmations that your listeners have yawned at a thousand and one Sunday mornings. In this book is fresh preaching of timeless truths.

And, lastly, and perhaps most surprisingly, it is written for me. I am a woebegone sinner with a past stained by the scarlet of a million sins I remember, and a million more I've forgotten. But even as I read the words of this book, I hear the Good News being preached to me, by me. It says, "Chad, there is hope even for you. It is not found in your efforts to be a better person. It is not found in your repentance, or even your faith. It is found in Jesus, Jesus, only Jesus. That crucified and resurrected God--He is your everything. In the blood of that Lamb your scarlet sins are made white. Your hope, Chad, is in Christ alone."

I wrote this, dear reader, for all of us. So here it is. Follow this link (Christ Alone) to the site. And thank you. Thank you for your interest, your prayers, your encouragement, your love. My fellow Flying Scrollers, I daily thank God for every one of you.