A Father's Prayer for His Teenage Son

For my son, Luke, on his 13th birthday As you become a teenager, a young man, I pray that you may always have...

The COURAGE to fight when weak men retreat. A brave battle lost is never defeat.

HUMILITY to credit each success To God who bestows each gift we possess.

The DISCRETION to choose friends that are true, Who, in good times and bad, will stick by you.

A FREEDOM from love of money or fame, To treasure far more a spotless, good name.

FORGIVENESS for wrongs inflicted on you. Hatred and vengeance at all costs eschew.

CHASTITY of heart that will not neglect, To show all women honor and respect.

FAITHFULNESS to her who will be your wife, To love her more than you do your own life.

A MIND that explores the ancient and true, Yet savors the best of all that is new.

PATIENCE to practice, to sharpen each skill, Knowing achievement takes time to fulfill.

COMPASSION for those the world casts aside; To the poor and weak, your heart open wide.

A firm FAITH in Christ when tested and tried, To find life in him who for your life died.

HOPE stronger than doubt, that fights to survive, Then waits for the light, when dark days arrive.

A LOVE beyond words; one alive in deeds; A gift of yourself, to all those in need.