O Father, at Creation: A Wedding Hymn

O Father, at creation You made a man and wife,
To have, to hold each other throughout their earthly life.
Your image and Your likeness they bore in holy love,
Reflecting to all creatures Your perfect love above.
The blessing of our parents in Paradise impart,
Upon this man and woman till death these two does part.

O Jesus, Guest at Cana, You gave a wondrous sign,
Transforming simple water into the richest wine.
Perfecter of creation, Your Word makes all things new,
The darkness turns to daylight, and gloom to joy in You.
Perfect this wedded union, transform these two as one,
That no man put asunder the wondrous work You’ve done.

O Spirit, by the water and blood from Jesus’ side,
The Church is bathed in beauty, the Holy Virgin Bride.
No stain or wrinkle mars her, no hint of sin or shame;
His righteous robe adorns her; He gives to her His name.
The saving blood of Jesus on bride and groom bestow,
And robe them, as His Body, in raiment white as snow.

*I wrote this hymn ten years ago, for the wedding of Matthew and Cara Jeffords.  On this day when Stacy and I are joined as husband and wife, I offer it up as a prayer for the two of us as we begin our life together.