Let Him Who Is Without Sin

Let him who is without sin cast his eyes this way and that to find a stone, and recall how often, with those same eyes, he has lusted after a woman, and thus committed adultery with her already in his heart. Let him walk towards that chosen stone and remember on how many occasions those feet of his have wandered away from the straight and narrow path.

Let him stretch forth his hand to pick up the stone, and bring to mind those times when his hands have grabbed at that which was not theirs to have.

Let him feel the heft of stone cradled in his palm, and consider the gravity of guilt cast upon the hypocrite.

Let him draw back his arm to execute the execrable one, and let him glance toward the man whose arms will stretch back to welcome wrath as an innocent victim.

But let this one who is without sin, think not for a moment that he will cast the first stone, for the woman has cast the first thousand at her own soul.

Let him who is without sin, consider this.