From the Virgin Soil of Eden: A Hymn on Baptism Sung with an OT Accent

From the virgin soil of Eden,
In His image, God made man;
From the virgin womb of Mary,
In our flesh, was God made man;
From the virgin font of water,
I’m remade in that God-Man.

Father, Son, and Holy Spirit,
In Your Name I am baptized;
Like my promised brother, Isaac,
My heart has been circumcised:
Sinful flesh cut off in water,
Abram's sonship realized.

As the waters flooded o'er me,
Angels flew me in the ark,
Through the fleshly door in Jesus,
Which the soldier's spear did mark.
I shall voyage in His Body,
Till in heav'n I disembark.

Hellish Pharaoh sore assailed me,
Whipped my soul unceasingly;
Egypt held me fast in bondage,
Steeped in vile depravity.
Baptized by a Greater Moses,
I passed through His crimson sea.

Born alive but dead in spirit
Leprous was my sinful soul.
Then with Naaman I found healing,
Where the Jordan's waters roll.
By His mighty Word, Elisha,
Healed my body, made me whole.

Cast forth from the fish's belly,
Jonah left the darkness dread,
Pointing to the resurrection,
Of the One from whom he'd fled.
From the belly of the Fountain,
Cast me forth to life from death.

Tune, "Picardy," 87 87 87