Happy 65th Birthday to My Mom

For my Mom, on her 65th Birthday As I was knit together In the safety of your womb, When you nursed and diapered me, Watched me crawl from room to room, You loved me.

As Kindergarten began, And I moved from grade to grade, When I laughed at play with friends, And cried at mistakes I made, You loved me.

When my voice began to change, When I fell in love with girls, When trapping was my passion, And hunting coons and squirrels, You loved me.

When high school years were over, And I packed up all my things, When you cried a mother's tears, But rejoiced that I'd grown wings, You loved me.

When I grew into a man, Blessed with children of my own, In the best and worst of times, Married or living alone, You loved me.

As year by year passes by, As challenges come and go, One gift will ever remain, One truth I will always know: You, Mom, love me.