"One Little Word Can Fell Him"

amightyfortress‎"One little word can fell him." What's that word? Today, as many Lutheran congregations celebrated the Reformation, they sang Luther's hymn, "A Mighty Fortress Is Our God," which famously declares that "one little word" can bring down the devil. What is that word? In at least one of his writings, Martin Luther refers to his own hymn and reveals that the word he had in mind was "liar."

Speaking of one of the books his opponent had written against him, Luther says, "For all such books, even if there were as many as thousands of them written every day and every hour..., are very easily refuted with the single word, 'Devil, you lie,' just as that haughty beggar Dr. Luther sings so proudly and boldly in those words of his hymn, 'One little word shall fell him.'" Against Hanswurst (AE 41:185-186).

For Jesus, the Truth, the Word made Flesh, is always victorious over the spirit who is the Lie.