The Genesis of Jesus

The Genesis of Jesus You are the Beginning,

God’s wise, creating Hand,

The Word through whom he made,

The heavens, seas, and land.

You walked in Eden’s grove

Where we in shame had fled.

You are the seed of Eve,

Who crushed the Serpent’s head.

You are the skins we wear,

That hide our naked shame.

You are the Tree of Life,

Whose fruit our lives reclaim.

You are the Brother slain

Whose martyred blood redeems,

Your body is the ark

Where life abundant teems.

You are Abraham’s seed,

By whom we all are blessed.

You are the holy land,

In whom the weary rest.

You are Melchizedek,

Our King and great High Priest,

Your body and your blood,

Our resurrection feast.

You are Abraham’s Son,

His sole, beloved, heir

The Isaac whom the knife,

In mercy did not spare.

You are Jacob’s ladder

Nexus of God and man.

You are Joseph betrayed,

Fulfiller of God’s plan.

You are Judah’s Lion,

A King of thorn-crowned brow.

Before your throne of grace,

Your brothers humbly bow.

You are the Beginning,

And you the blessed End,

He of whom Moses wrote,

To whom our hearts attend.